Our business & services

  1. We Designate Apparel Manufacturers to the UK market with including handling, trading, logistics & distribution.
  2. Communicate with suppliers and buyers in efficient and effective way to avoid the unacceptable nightmares in the business.
  3. Provide a feeling of localism in trade to the buyer and to the supplier in their own country.
  4. Handling the documentation part of the business and negotiate business deals on behalf of    our Client.
  5. Provide our luxurious office space to our clients with including all facilities to conduct business meetings with foreign and local counterparts.
  6. Interpretation of legal back ground of their commercial activity or the trade in the aspect of UK Law.
  7. UK clothing brands can have an exclusive competitive price quotations for orders they placed through us.
  8. We do handle Garment Stock lots.
  9. Guaranteed Value addition assurance to Trim manufacturing companies in Bangalidesh by our experience and professional team of consultants.
  10. Find UK investors & investments to promote small scale garment factories & trim manufacturers.

Why we should represent you ( factories in Asia ) in UK

We mainly deal with finding the right buyer to the right supplier or popularise your manufactured item/manufactured capacity in accordance to the market demand in clothing sector in UK. It is a well known fact that british fashion receives global acclaim, 90% of clothes come from abroad with import value of billions of pounds " not easy" That's why we are here to provide  one spot stop sophisticated service to garment factories in Asia ( Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India) to cater to this big demand in UK Our team is always here to help you with creating your own business marketing plan through us to maximise your profits in UK.

Garment manufactures know that the most of established suppliers are running offices in UK by throwing thousands of pounds to their foreign operations to generate more income to the business and to advertise their brand in global.

You are able to have your own office in London under our office management concept. We can help you with everything you want to establish your office, such as office space, office equipments, computers, your own phone number and fax, more than anything One expert marketer who handles your account with his/her skills the way exactly UK buyer wanted to, Basically we take all the hassle to make more profits to your business in UK with uk buyers.

Some of nest trading staff had been trained in Asia to understand the suppliers requirement before it's become too late to be understood in trade. We guarantee a friendly working environment to our client with latest UK fashion updates and trends to promote your business in London.

In our marketing analysis we understood that most of suppliers ( median scale ) loose their buyer due to the remoteness of supplier's representation in the country where they loose their portion of production to the supply chain. It occurs unbearable loses to the business. So we are here to work with you.

How we work with you.

  1. We personally meet your buyer and discuss all the relevant issues in the business and always negotiate very good deals for our clients.
  2. The supplier and his team can concentrate on their work back in Bangalidesh while we take the hassle in UK for their representation.
  3. We fulfil the requirement of UK fashion experience by participating to the fashion and clothing exhibitions in London.
  4. UK buyer or the brand always appreciate the presence of a suppliers office in UK because they have experienced the communication difficulties between parties.
  5. Asian suppliers are on competitive edge in quality and price at the moment in the world's clothing sector " we are here to provide you what you require"
  6. Bangladesh's exports to UK are readymade garment, which enjoys duty free access under EBA (Everything But Arms) policy of European Union. " we are here to help you"
  7. Once you have your office in UK you can freely travel between two countries, Or without travelling at all you can cut the costs involving on unnecessary foreign trips.

To UK Buyers

English garment industry is vastly moving. Well cut & fitted styles are attracted. We deal with factories whose products are not secondary to any other products in fashion. The Nest Trading helps you to discover tailor made more fashionable items made according to right fashion designers.