We are running 3 types of office categories to implement and to promote our strategies.

One of the most influence factor is the Logical sequence of events in trade life cycle Concept of Straight Through Process (STP) which we strictly bind with,

1. Front Office Controls

The role and structure of the front office in Nest Trading as an institution is  understands the difference of structural behaviour of the front office and the role of each individual towards to the company and for its clients.
We understand the importance of our front office in dealing with our clients in the trading activities.
Our team of experts are dedicated to follow up different methodologies of measuring and managing market risks in the present market in the UK and also in the EU market. We use different techniques used by trading institutions to summarize market risks, market demand, policy changes, relevant trends in fashion industry and advice our clients accordingly.

We highly believe the market-risk limits that are used to control the risks that arise in trading activity

2. Middle Office Controls

Our team is always dedicated to investigate the techniques used for determining market prices for products and services by measuring liquid instruments and illiquid instruments.
The valuation methodologies that are used in the middle office for marking trade positions in the developed world and the characteristics of the pricing model review process.

3. Back office

Our back office team work from home in extended hours on individual basis to cater our clients. While Various functions are performed by them, one of the most important role of them is the Processing of payrolls, invoicing, sampling and draft written contracts between our clients and relevant parties in accordance with the UK law and to confirm both involved parties are in safer hands, Our ultimate goal is to confirm of trading transaction  and Settlement of transaction process in accordance with the clients requirement.